Stay INSPIRED All Year with 52 Beautiful Miniature Painting Lessons From Award-Winning Artist,
Aimee Erickson!

“Great class. Love your teaching style. Full of valuable information and insight.” - Aimee Erickson Student

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 What if you could do the ART you LOVE?

and, at the same time... could gain expert insights from an award-winnning artist? 

Because, you probably
already know this, but...

Art is incredibly GOOD for you.

It is great for your mental health and relaxation. It gives you fresh eyes to see 
the world. It feeds your soul. It connects you to others.


It can be difficult to paint regularly. You may wonder:
Do I have enough time?
Where do I start?
What supplies do I need?
What will I paint?
That's why I created my 52-Week

Miniature Painting Challenge!

Okay, so what is it?

My Miniature Painting Challenge is 52 weeks of artistic inspiration.

What you'll get:
  • 52 Paint-Along Lessons - You'll get a new miniature painting lesson every week for a full year. There will be short, accessible video lessons that ANYONE can follow along with 
  • ​Supply List - You may already have what you need, but in case you don't we will provide you with an easy-to-order supply list. 
  • Private Community - You'll be able to access one of the most FUN and ENCOURAGING art communities in the world!
  • Lifetime access - Don't worry if you don't get everything done in the year. These lessons will be yours for life.

Stay Inspired All Year

You'll learn to paint 52 gorgeous, yet simple and approachable portraits. You can decorate your home with these beautiful works of art or give them away as unique, one-of-a-kind gifts.

Learn from a Professional

Get a new video painting lesson from Aimee Erickson every single week for 52 weeks! Stay inspired and learn quickly as she shares insights and expert tips from 30+ years of experience. Plus, you'll receive plenty of encouragement for your painting journey!

Lifetime Access

Are you busy & worried you'll fall behind? Have no fear. With your purchase you'll gain access for life. There's absolutely no risk of missing out because you can revisit these lessons for years to come.

How will you benefit from the Miniature Painting Challenge?

You will OVERCOME these OBSTACLES to creativity:

#1: Lack of Time

Each lesson is SHORT and DOABLE. They range slightly in length, with the average at about 36 minutes, so you can easily fit them into your busy schedule.

#2: Not Knowing Where To Start

Each week you'll gain access to a new and inspiring lesson, so YOU'LL ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING FUN TO PAINT!

#3: Fear and Insecurity

These consistent, simple lessons will help you move past fear into COURAGEOUS creativity. Art will stop being intimidating, and it will be LIFE-GIVING! PLUS, join a community of artists who will RALLY around you as you paint!

Who is this Miniature Painting Challenge good for?

  • Beginning Artists - it's a perfect way to DEVELOP great painting habits!
  • Experienced Artists - there is always something NEW to discover!
  • Uninspired Artists - have something FRESH to paint every week!
  • Young Artists - artistic kids will FLOURISH with these lessons!
  • Older Artists - these are LIFE-GIVING and fun painting exercises!
  • Exploring Artists - this is the perfect way to find a NEW PASSION!
  • Stuck Artists - this is your chance to BREAK THROUGH your obstacles!
In other words, this is


Here are a few of the paintings you will learn how to paint:

Will you join me for a year of painting?

Aimee teaches painting, drawing, and color theory at venues nationwide and overseas. She has a particular interest in what enables or inhibits artistic progress. "How do we learn to see what we cannot yet see? How does expectation influence our ability to perceive?"

One of the winningest painters in the plein air world, Aimee took home Best of Show and Artists' Choice at Plein Air Easton in 2019; she has also won Best of Show at Laguna, Olmsted, Carmel, Sonoma, and Pacific Northwest Plein Air. She was a finalist at the Portrait Society of America, is a signature member with multiple awards from Oil Painters of America, and won Best of Show at an American Women Artists national show. In 1997 she painted the official gubernatorial portrait of Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts. She has travelled to China and Russia to paint and is an inaugural member of En Train Air. Aimee lives in Portland, Oregon, and carries a sketchbook.

What others are saying about Aimee:

"Dianna has a rare ability to work with everyone from beginners to skilled professional artists in a way that accepts where they are on their artistic journey and 
helps them take the next step on that journey. She has a gift for explaining artistic 
concepts clearly, in a way that makes me say, “Aha! Now I understand it."
Cynthia R.
"If you are not a painter but would like to give it a try, if you love painting but are 
ready to bring your work to a new level, if you are an accomplished painter but feel 
the need for someone to nudge you into a new adventure with your art. You need Dianna."
Charles M.
"Dianna is the entire reason I paint today. I started, and nearly stopped painting in  2013.  Then a friend encouraged me to take a 5-day course with Dianna. I am sure that  I am one of her success stories because in that short time I went from wanting to quit,  being enthusiastic to continue; from not knowing what was bad about my painting, to knowing how to make it good. "
 Debbie Alsip

What you'll get when you
purchase today:

  • 52 Weekly Painting Lessons With Aimee Erickson 
  • ​Over 30 Hours Of Content To Access At Your Own Pace
  • Expert Insights From An Award-Winning Professional Artist
  • Supply List with Easy-Order Button
  • ​Private and Encouraging Painting Community
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access
  • ​PLUS: Bonus Video - "How To Pre-Mix Colors You'll Love!"



What you'll get when you purchase today:

  • 52 Miniature Painting Lessons from Aimee Erickson
  • Expert Insights From An Award-Winning Professional Artist
  • Supply List with Easy-Order Button
  • Supply List with Easy-Order Button
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access

45-Day Total Confidence Money Back Guarantee

Let us take the risk on this. If you're not completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What supplies will I need?

Please note: Inside the course, we will provide you with a full list that will include links if you'd like to order online.

You will need just a few supplies really.

1. Paint: Aimee uses a fairly limited palette with primary colors (a red, yellow, and blue) plus white and black and just a few other accent colors. She will also show you how she pre-mixes some of her most used and useful mixes and puts them into tubes of their own for easy use later.

2. Canvases/panels: All the demonstration paintings will be done on a 6x6 panels. If there are exceptions, it will be noted. You can, of course, change the size if you want.

3. Brushes: You will need a few brushes of various sizes and styles, but it is quite limited.

That's pretty much it! Again, you will find a more detailed list in the course.

 Do I have to use acrylic paints?

Absolutely not. While Aimee will be demonstrating in acrylics, the vast majority of what's taught is foundational to all painting mediums. So, if you wanted to use oils, for instance, you would find all the main principles are totally applicable to you, but there would just be some differences in technique as the mediums have different properties.

But if you're wondering, here are a few reasons you might choose to paint with acrylics!
1. Water Cleanup: Acrylic paints clean up easily with water. You will never need to expose yourself or others to special solvents or thinners when you are using acrylic paints.

2. Fast Drying: I love the fact that I can touch my paintings after a short time and not worry about getting wet paint on myself or what's around me. This makes it much easier to store and transport paintings without all the headache you'd have if they were still wet. Also, when I want to make a change to a painting I can do it quickly.

3. Super Versatile: Acrylic paints can be applied to almost any surface because they adhere so well. They can also be applied very thin and transparent or very thick and impasto-like without having to worry about rules like "thick over thin" because of their quick drying properties. Acrylic paintings are easy to frame because they don't need to be protected with glass.

4. Cost Effective: Acrylic paints are fairly inexpensive when compared to other mediums. This means that you can paint and practice with freedom without being too concerned about cost.

5. Travel Easily: Because they are non-toxic and don't require fancy thinners, you can travel the world with your acrylic paints and never worry about boarding a plane with hazardous materials.

 Are the lessons good for beginners?

Yes, yes, yes!

These mini-painting lessons are probably one of the easiest entry points for a beginning artist. They are short and don't take too long, so they aren't scary. Plus, you don't have to figure anything out on your own. You'll be able to see each step of the painting process and more - starting with what supplies you want to have and why. The bonus is that by starting and finishing such a volume of paintings you will grow so much more than if you had worked an equal amount of time but had only completed a few larger paintings. Your growth will be exponential as you will be able to see paintings come together from start to finish and never miss anything because you can pause, stop & rewind as much as you need!

 Are the lessons good for experienced artists?

Absolutely, yes!

Aimee is one of the premier artists, and you will be able to "paint alongside her" weekly for a full year. That is amazing. Plus, one of the things that can hinder artists of any level is feeling "uninspired". These short, mini paintings will help you get out and stay out of any rut that tries to slow you down. And they will be a springboard for your own creativity to soar.

 What do I gain access to when I join?

You will gain access to one high-quality, professional painting lesson every week for 52 weeks, and you will keep access to those lessons for life, so you can come back and revisit your favorite lessons for years to come :-)

 How will I access the lessons?

Your lessons will be accessible 24/7 through any computer or mobile device.

We built our site on a very user-friendly platform that anyone can navigate. And if you ever have questions or issues, you can contact us at [email protected]. We are here to help.

 What's the 45-Day Guarantee?

If, for whatever reason, you decide you aren't satisfied within 45 days, we will refund all of your money - no questions asked. We believe strongly in what we do and we want you to be thoroughly satisfied.

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