"Learn To Paint With
Confidence & Joy
While Dazzling Your Friends With
Your Beautiful Creativity"
(Without Having To Spend A Fortune On Art School!)
  • Expert Instruction: Discover THE SECRETS of acrylic artist, Jed Dorsey - an award-winning, 4th generation professional - shared for YOUR DEVELOPMENT!
  • High Definition Video: 22 gorgeous videos shot at Jed's studio on Camano Island where you'll always have the best seat in the house looking right over his shoulder!
  • Tools & Supplies: Comprehensive, detailed supply list for easy ordering so that you know exactly what supplies to get. Find out EXACTLY what the professionals use!
  • Experiential Learning: Practical, hands-on assignments designed for your implementation and immediate growth!
  • Engaging Content: Over four hours of customized content, broken into bite-size portions for easy application to MAXIMIZE YOUR SUCCESS!
  • Proven Process: Learn Jed's tested process for creating well-designed and beautiful paintings that you can immediately implement and save time and money by fixing problems before they are created!
  • Stop, Pause, Rewind: Never worry about missing anything - you can pause, rewind or re-watch any lesson to make sure you completely understand!
  • Progress Tracking: You will never wonder where you left off or where you should pick back up because we'll keep track for you!
  • ​24/7 Access For Life: Take your art class with you wherever you are and work as early or late as you like - YOU ARE IN CHARGE!
"Golden Hour" - Acrylic Painting by Me (Jed Dorsey)
Get Past Your Roadblocks:
Does This Sound Familiar?

You Don't Know Where To Start
Or How To Move Forward.
It's easy to feel lost creatively without instruction that fits into your schedule and budget. With Acrylic 101, you will have the best instruction accessible to you on your schedule wherever you are!

It's easy to be confused about what art supplies you ACTUALLY NEED. Acrylic 101 comes with an comprehensive, easy-to-use supply list so that you can feel confident in your choices.
It's easy to get discouraged in your creativity. Acrylic 101 comes not just with great instruction but also loads of encouragement so that you can feel inspired and confident throughout your painting journey!
It's easy to get sidetracked from things you love to do. Acrylic 101 can be delivered to you on a schedule over time - keeping your growth and advancement in art a priority!
With expert instruction and constant encouragement, Acrylic 101 will give you the resources necessary to grow and flourish as an artist.
"When We Were Young" - Acrylic Painting by Me (Jed Dorsey)
I Understand What It's Like 
To Be Frustrated In Art. 
I Was Stuck.
I was a new dad trying to make a living as a full-time artist. I wanted to provide for my wife and daughter, 
but I NEEDED to become a better painter to do it.
I was doing anything I could to make money through art. I entered my first plein air (outdoor painting) competition on a whim, and I ACTUALLY WON $1,000!

So, then I started thinking it would be easy to make money.

The next competition had a grand prize of $5,000, and I'm embarrassed to say I was kinda counting on winning as our paycheck.

You guessed it. I LOST.
No money, no paycheck.
I Needed To Get Better At Painting.
And Fast.
So, I started looking for instructors, but nobody around me taught in acrylics.
So, I tried YouTube, but that was confusing and distracting.

I reached out to the few artists I'd found nationwide, but only one responded, and he wasn't teaching anymore!

I tried every connection I had and still had no luck.

I finally GAVE UP on ACRYLICS and signed up for an oil painting workshop.

I was sad, because I didn't want to toxic thinners or wet paintings in our home - especially with young children around.

Then I Had My Big "Aha!"
Right before the oil painting workshop, I discovered a couple tools that enabled me to paint in acrylics in new ways. I could paint outside easily. I could make my paintings nuanced and gorgeous. I decided to stay with acrylics, and I'm so glad I did.

Because the next thing that happened was...
Then I started WINNING art competitions.
People couldn't believe my paintings were done with acrylics!
Suddenly, I had a new passion.
 To share what I've discovered about creating beautiful paintings with acrylic paints so others can enjoy the same success!
Jed Dorsey
Here are a couple other paintings of mine. This is what YOU CAN LEARN TO DO WITH ACRYLICS!
Here's The Question:
What If You Could Make Beautiful Paintings
 - In Less Time - 
Without Worrying About Toxic Thinners 
Or Making A Mistake You Can't Fix?
That's exactly what painting in acrylics can do for you!

I've worked in watercolor. One mistake there and uh, oh! You're painting is ruined.

I've worked in oil. The process is slower and more painstaking because it takes so long to dry. Plus, you have to deal with thinners and odors that can be really unhealthy. 
But how do you create GORGEOUS, NUANCED, VIBRANT PAINTINGS in Acrylics?

Acrylic 101 Will Show You Exactly How To:
  • Choose which paints you REALLY NEED, and which ones you should AVOID
  • ​Organize your palette and colors in a CLEAR and LOGICAL way
  • ​Create and use a dependable ROAD MAP for your painting so you will ALWAYS KNOW your painting's direction
  • Work out design ideas in MINUTES instead of HOURS, saving you LOADS of time and energy
  • ​Use STRONG VALUES to make your paintings dynamic and striking
  • Train your eyes to SEE WITH FRESH EYES so that you can PAINT ACCURATELY
  • ​CREATE ANY COLOR with our Limited Essential Palette
  • Make sense of Color Theory and mix colors knowledgeably without guesswork
  • ​Paint ANYTHING following a PROVEN, SUCCESSFUL step-by-step process 
  • ​Mix and use beautiful grays to enhance the colors of your painting and add subtlety
  • ​Choose the right toned surface to ACHIEVE THE MOOD you desire in your painting
  • Start and finish your paintings with COURAGE and CONFIDENCE
Don't waste any More time or money. See real results and Begin Creating beautiful paintings With The Help Of Acrylic 101!
Everything you need to Succeed 
at an INSANE Price
22 Video Lessons, 
Four+ hours of Content, creative encouragements,  Professional Instruction, Complete Supply List, EVERYTHING you need 
To start Succeeding with Your Artwork!
Included in This AMAZING Offer. . .
Lesson 1 - Paint Tools and Warmup
We start with the basics and go over all of the basic tools you will need on your painting journey. We tell you EXACTLY what supplies you need to start painting.

I also tell you about TWO of my BIGGEST painting SECRETS that TRANSFORMED my painting career.
Lesson 2 - Thumbnail Sketches
Once you understand the basics of Acrylic Painting, we will teach you about the thumbnail sketch - the foundation of all successful paintings. The thumbnail sketch is like your road map. Would you leave on a massive road trip across the country without a map?? No! And no one should make a painting without a clear direction of where they are going, either.
Lesson 3 - Importance of Values
Discover the secret of values, so you can create dynamic designs and produce STUNNING EFFECTS in any painting. Train your eyes to observe the subtleties of any scene and discover the most important attribute of color.
Lesson 4  - Color Essentials
Unlock the mystery of color inside this three-part lesson. Gain understanding to color mixing, how to create any color with a simplified palette, plus how to determine the value of any color. This is essential knowledge for your artistic journey.
Practice Painting #1
You can now put into practice everything you've learned as we will paint three full paintings togetherIn this exercise, you will learn how to paint a vibrant sunset scene with a tidal slough, grasses, trees and some background islands. You will see how a brightly toned canvas will affect the outcome of the overall painting as some of those colors poke through in the end and allow for a light-filled atmosphere. 
Practice Painting #2
In this lesson, you will learn how to paint a beautiful tidal  beach scene with vibrant color on a neutral gray-toned canvas. You will see what effect painting on a neutral surface has on the overall painting. The goal of this lesson, as in the previous one, is to continue to put what you have learned already about thumbnail sketches, values, and color into practice on a real painting.
Practice Painting #3
In this lesson, you will learn how to paint a wooded scene with various greens and grays, colorful foliage, moody shadows and the negative shapes of sky holes on a dark or black-toned canvas. You will see how starting off on a dark value changes the way you paint and also influences the way you see the color and light.

Bonus #1: 
"101 Inspirational Quotes
For Every Artist"
Gorgeous Images Paired With Inspirational Quotes
Stay encouraged and inspired on your artistic journey with this delightful collection of uplifting art quotes paired with stunning photographs geared to lift your soul. These are 101 of the best quotes from the most amazing artists in history that will CHALLENGE, ENCOURAGE, and INSPIRE YOU every step along the way!
Bonus #2:
Acrylic University Community
Friends For Your Creative Journey
You will be grow to be your best self with the help of the friends around you through our vibrant member community. Make connections with people from all over the world, gain greater insights from others, and stride forward with the mutual encouragement of doing something with others. You will ALWAYS HAVE AN ARTIST FRIEND now that you're part of Acrylic University.
Super Cool Bonus #3 (Worth $137):
5 Paint-Along Videos
Over 5 Hours Of Content!
Exclusive Offer - You Won't Find This Anywhere Else! 
These are the PERFECT NEXT STEP for you after you finish Acrylic 101. FIVE FULL PAINTINGS that you can see come to life from start to finish. These were created exclusively for Acrylic University members. Each video is about one hour long. They are fun and filled with stories and encouragement.

Paint-Along 1:
Sunrise Over Farmhouse

In this video, you will learn how to paint a sunburst using negative painting and a warm color palette.

Paint-Along 2:
Moody Day,
Country Road

In this video, you will learn how to create a moody, yet vibrant and colorful rural scene.

Paint-Along 3:
Late Day, Quiet Water

In this video, you will learn how to paint a quiet brook with reflections and soft light and shadows.

Paint-Along 4:
A Bright Outlook

In this video, you will learn how to use color to create depth and atmosphere in this beautiful scene.

Paint-Along 5:
Unforgettable Morning

In this video, you will learn how to create a dynamic scene using strong values to highlight the brilliant morning sun.
TOTALLY INSANE Bonus #3 (Worth $497):
A Professional Artist's Advice - Anytime You Need It! 
Now you won't have to try to figure it out by yourself. We are going to let you into our private, LIVE Question & Answer Time - it's like having a professional coach accessible whenever you need help! Let my 20+ years of painting experience guide you through whatever obstacles you face creatively. You can ask me any question, and I will give my expert opinion on any range of creative topics - from supplies to technique to art as a career. I will be here for you every step along the way.
What Students Are Saying:
Join The Movement
Join the movement of artists who are already experiencing incredible growth and unlocking their creative potential. 

Get equipped with the right tools & Learn skills & secrets that took me 20 years to discover - It's like having the best seat at one of my sold out workshops -  at a fraction of the price!
don't get left out! this is a very
limited time offer!
100% Risk Free
I'll take all the risk on this.
If you don’t feel that ACRYLIC 101 is worth ten times what you invested, drop me an email within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll refund your $47. No questions asked. Fair enough? 
You must act fast!
Time is of the Essence. This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.

Because of what you’re getting, we’re expecting a flood of orders.
Just imagine feeling CONFIDENT and EXCITED about your painting process.
What impact would that have on your creativity?  
What if you were confident you could paint anything?
Remember, you're incredibly creative and on the verge of massive growth!

To get started in Acrylic 101, simply click on the button below and go to the sign up page - then you'll be off to the races! 

Once you hit SUBMIT, you'll get instant access to Acrylic 101 and the Paint-Along Videos. Your growth and confidence is just around the corner.

I hope you're as excited as I am. I have personally witnessed hundreds of people thrive creatively through this instruction, and you will be next!

To your painting success,

- Jed Dorsey
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase ACRYLIC 101 Today!
  • ​​ACRYLIC 101: Foundations For Painting - 26 Instructional Videos, Creative Encouragements, My Two Secret Tools, Learn About Paint, Tools, Design, Values, Color, Plus Three Full Practice Paintings ($387 Value)
  • ​ BONUS #1: "101 Inspirational Quotes For Every Artist" ($27 Value)
  • ​BONUS #2: Acrylic University Member Community (PRICELESS)
  • ​SUPER COOL BONUS #3 (LIMITED TIME!): Paint-Along Video Collection:  Five Hours Of Extra Practice So You Can Apply Your Learning And Leap Forward In Growth! ($137 Value)
  • ​TOTALLY INSANE BONUS #4: Weekly LIVE Q&A With Jed - Ask Any Question You Have, I Will Be Here To Help You Every Step Along The Way! ($497 Value)
Total Value: $1,048.00
But today, you're getting all of this...
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